Caramel Macchiato

This is a recipe that my mom created using our Keurig Rivo espresso machine. Instead of paying coffee shop prices, she made this recipe with the Keurig.

To make an iced Caramel Macchiato:


1 1/2 cups of ice
1 luongo espresso shot
iced froth milk (to the max fill)
1 tbsp vanilla flavoring syrup
Hershey’s caramel sundae syrup

First, prepare the iced froth and espresso. For the espresso, put the vanilla flavoring syrup in the bottom of a coffee cup and then press the lungo espresso button. In a 24oz cup, I recommend a coolgear dual walled chiller, pour in the ice,then the frothed milk, then the espresso shot in. Give the mixture a few stirs, then top it off with a drizzle of Hershey’s caramel sundae syrup.

To make a hot Caramel Macchiato:


1 lungo espresso shot
latte frothed milk (max fill)
1 tbsp vanilla flavoring syrup
Hershey’s caramel sundae syrup

First, froth the milk and make the espresso shot the same way as in the iced macchiato. Pour the milk into a coffee cup and pour the espresso in next. Then drizzle caramel syrup on top of the macchiato.

There you have it! A caramel macchiato that is cheaper than the coffee shop and tastes just as good. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Caramel Macchiato”

    1. I am absolutely no coeffe aficionado but I know what I like my coeffe to taste like. I have owned several coeffe machines from Super Automatic Machines by Delonghi as well as the original Tassimo machine made by Braun which was a horrible experience (extremely loud). I have also owned Semi-Automatic espresso machines but returned them do to the amount of labor it took to produce a beverage compared to the likes of a super-automatic or the Tassimo. I recently purchased a new Bosch T65 Tassimo since I no longer have my Super-Automatic. I sold my Delonghi Super-Automatic after feeling bad about owning a $1,500 espresso machine and going through a phase where I was not drinking as much coeffe as I was before. I’m now back into coeffe drinking ever day and found myself getting caught driving through Starbucks ordering my favorite Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte about every day. I soon realized this habit was playing havoc on my pocket book and I had to stop. With the aficionado Tassimo by Bosch, I have been enjoying the Gevalia Caramel Latte Macchiato every day, sometimes twice a day! The smell as it brews is heavenly and has a great caramel smell when the brewing begins. I have tried different strengths of the espresso because to me it has a horribly bitter taste when left on the automatic mode. Now again, I am not a professional coeffe aficionado but I know what I like. My taste pallet has really grown to love the Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte which is nice and smooth and not too sweet so I find myself comparing everything I drink to the Skinny Vanilla Latte. I have also discovered that I really enjoy buying the Starbucks House blend as it has a pleasant taste to me without any bitter flavor. I’m not sure if it’s normal for the Gevalia Caramel Latte espresso to have a normal bitter flavor but it’s a bit much for me. I have learned to add a little sugar to help hide the bitterness or have the Tassimo add more water. The problem with the latter is the latte really looses any flavor it had if you reduce the strength of the espresso to much. Figuring out how to reduce the bitterness makes this a great drink for me. I would love to see some T-Discs produced with a vanilla flavor! If you enjoy caramel flavored drinks, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Just be sure to adjust accordingly for bitterness if it bothers you.

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